PIL'ATEN Collagen Nourishing Lip Mask

  • · Maintain pink and tender
  • · Soften The Horniness
  • · Moisturize your lips and keep springy


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Collagen ingredients go into skin mesenchymal, improve skin environment, make the lip skin elastic and moisturizing, full of vitality

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Nourishing sexy delicate lip

PIL'ATEN Collagen Nourishing Lip Mask

Maintain pink and tender/Soften The Horniness/Moisturize your lips and keep springy


Nourishing moisturizing, water moisturizing tender lip

  • 1.Pink tender lip color
    • Multiple plant ingredients, providing nutrition for lips and show with natural luster, fade out of lip lines, making the slip more smooth and tender delicate.
  • 2.Soften the horniness
    • Collagen ingredients make direct effect on the dermis layer of skin, increase skin cell vitality, making lip skin moisturizing, fresh cool, rich of elastic.
  • 3.water moisturizing Q elastic
    • Strawberry contain rich of nutrition among the fruit, including a variety of fruit acid, vitamins and minerals, etc. increase skin elasticity, with effect of nourishing and moisturizing.

Using method

1.Clean the lip skin with water by first. 2. Tear off the package, take out the lip mask to paste on lip. 3.After stay for 10-15 minutes, tear off the lip mask. 4.Use finger to gentle massage the lip to let essence absorb fully.

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